Soldering Irons for Electronics - what you must know before you buy

During this post we will go into the details of the best soldering irons that you can't find available on the market today.


Soldering irons are hand tools that have a metal tip. They work by being heated up electrically so that they can melt solder. While the tip will become hot and could potentially burn you if you're not careful. They do however have an insulated handle that allows you to grasp the iron while working on soldering wires together etc. Mostly soldering irons are used with electronics, or by technicians that are repairing wires.


The following solder stations we will talk about are some of the top choices. You will find all of these irons suit your needs to get the job done perfectly.  Of course there are several different design. This is an important feature to consider because they vary in price. At the cheaper end of the price range you have simple soldering pencils. Soldering pencils basically convert an electrical current into heat to melt solder. But they don't do much more than that, and offer little in the way of adjustments or temperature control. If you're an electrical professional you are probably better suited with a soldering station, than just a pencil. A soldering station often has a digital temperature readout, as well as the ability to adjust the temperature with a dial. The stations also come with a stand and a slot to place the hot soldering tip in so it does not burn your work surface.


In most instances the hottest soldering iron is not always the best. This is because you may not want it to be too high in temperature. Often times it's better to simply have the ability to adjust it depending on your needs. The Hakko FX601 is good at this feature. It's ideal for all soldering and electrical applications, even if you're a beginner or professional. And if a good soldering station isn't enough for you, you could opt for the "full soldering system". This has much more extensive features. However the features come at a high cost as they're much more expensive than the usual stations. They include the ability to both solder and desolder, as well as a hot air gun, and more. If you're just a hobbyist you probably would not need a soldering system, a station should suffice. But if you're a professional, or intend to use your machine for industrial applications then it could well be the tool for you.


Before you buy a soldering iron make sure you keep all these factors in mind so that you do get the best value for money.
It's always a good idea to get a machine from a well known brand . Some examples of well known brands are weller and hacko. They have great reputations in the online electronics community.  They also usually come with great buyer support and warranties.